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Porcher Abrasive Coatings Ltd. is a leading UK manufacturer of temperature cured abrasive coated surfaces, abrasive linings and TreadSafe® antislip flooring.

Our product range includes:-

* Abrasive linings and re-linings of commercial potato and vegetable peeling machines. Sales of refurbished peelers and new Bold peelers, chippers and accessories.

* TreadSafe abrasive coated anti-slip flooring range of treads, decking, cleats, discs and ladder rung covers. Abrasive coating of customers' free issue materials.

* Manufacture of card grinding fillet and roller coverings for the textile industry

* Abrasive recoating of brake test rollers - on and off site

* Abrasive coating of print and conveyor rollers

* Custom designed coatings and friction resistant coatings for specialist applications

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