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Porcher Abrasives

Porcher Abrasive Coatings Ltd. is the leading UK manufacturer of specialist temperature-cured abrasive coated surfaces. Established in 1992, the company operates internationally from modern, purpose-built premises in Boston, Lincolnshire, UK.

All products are manufactured under ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Systems, as approved by The Lloyds Register Quality Assurance. High emphasis is placed on working to our customers exacting requirements and schedules whilst providing reliable and robust products.

Our abrasive coatings are used worldwide in a variety of applications ranging from heavy industry to healthcare and hygiene. We are actively involved in research and development projects and would welcome any enquiries with this in mind.

Commercial potato and vegetable peeler re-surfacing

We offer a range of specialist services for re-coating both continuous and batch peeler rollers, drums, plates and discs. We offer multiple grit grades and also the application of our uniquely designed abrasive tape replacement system for Limas peeling machine rollers.

Extensive knowledge of the abrasive vegetable peeling industry allows us to work closely with our customers to develop the most effective abrasive coating for their requirements. In particular we specialise in the abrasive coating of machinery manufactured by;

٠Backus                                  ٠Hobart                                   ٠Limas

٠Bold                                      ٠Crypto                                   ٠PPM

٠De Bruyne                             ٠Dornow                                 ٠Peter Cox

٠Florigo                                   ٠IMC                                      ٠Magnusson

٠Jay Craft                               ٠Kiremko                                ٠SpeedPeel

Our exclusive oven-cured recoating process utilises materials that often exceed the original manufacturers’ specification and have been proven to offer an extended working life when compared with many other recoating processes.

Healthcare and Hygiene

We have developed several methods of applying abrasive coatings to plastic mouldings and pads used in healthcare and hygiene products. Our expertise extends from facial and foot exfoliation in the healthcare and beauty sectors, to hygiene rollers and medical pads. Production is undertaken by skilled operatives in a clean room environment using specialist machinery. The highly developed abrasive coating for application to plastics has been produced following an extensive programme of research, development and prototype work.

Anti-Slip floor coverings –  TreadSafe

We have designed and developed a range of Stainless Steel and GRP anti-slip flooring products under the registered trade name TreadSafe®. These offer a cost-effective, long-term solution to slip and trip hazards in both industrial and public access areas. The range comprises of stair treads, landing covers, flat decking sheets, ladder rung covers, grating and tactile floor tiles. They can be fitted to a variety of surfaces including chequer-plate, concrete, metal grille, steel and wood using adhesive and /or mechanical fixings. Applications include internal and external use on floors, stairs, ramps, walkways, external fire escapes and ladders. Both the Stainless and GRP product ranges are offered in a choice of standard and custom sizes, colours, abrasive grit sizes, fire resistance and photo-luminescent paint finishes.


We offer a range of non-slip coating services including the coating/recoating of loom rollers, felt coverings and the manufacture and supply of card grinding fillet.

Card grinding fillet is specifically designed for grinding and polishing applications and can be supplied with or without grooves applied to the surface. The grooved type (card grinding fillet) is particularly suitable for re-sharpening and side grinding flexible card wire. Card grinding fillet is offered in standard lengths of 65 and 100 metres, width of 25mm and 38mm and grain sizes of 20 and 40. We can also manufacture to customer required lengths, widths and abrasive grain sizes.

We also recoat a wide range of loom rollers including those manufactured by;

  • Sulzer
  • Dornier
  • Picanol
  • Vamatex
  • Somet
  • Promatech

Loom rollers can be coated with felt (sueding rollers) or abrasive, as required. Batching motion rollers can also be coated with a range of different abrasive coatings to improve grip and the wind-up of fabric rolls. These coatings are produced with non-aggressive abrasive materials designed specifically to avoid damage to the fabric surface.

Bespoke and custom design coatings

We are able to coat onto many surfaces including metals, wood and plastic in a variety of resins, abrasive grain sizes and types.

Typically we use the following abrasives;

  • Fused Aluminium Oxides (brown and white)
  • Silicone Carbides (black and green)
  • Emery
  • Bauxite
  • Pumice

These are bonded by a variety of resins which include;

  • Phenolics
  • Acrylics
  • Epoxies
  • Moisture curing polyurethanes
  • UV cured resins

Brake Test Rollers

We coat all sizes and types of European Class 4, 5 and 7 brake tester rollers dealing with both Original Equipment Manufacturers and end users where we offer service exchange rollers for both Kismets and Tecalemits. All rollers are processed using temperature-cured ovens resulting in a robust abrasive lining which withstands the rigours of the transport industry.

Engineering Facilities

We have a fully operational Engineering Department providing a comprehensive manufacturing, repair and maintenance service for our customers, as well as playing a vital role in Research and Development. This includes, but is not limited to –

  • Manufacture of new rollers
  • Production of metal roller shaft ends
  • Roller straightening
  • Adaptations to rollers to improve the peeling process
  • Customised welding and turning requirements
  • Repairs and replacement of worn parts

A full collection and delivery service is available UK, European and Worldwide. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your abrasive coating requirements, please contact us for further information.

Telephone us today on +44 (0) 1205 356666

Email – [email protected]

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