Porcher Goes Transatlantic

Porcher Goes Transatlantic

We were recently approached by Love Beets Production USA, based in New York State, who asked if we knew of any companies in America that could re-coat their peeling equipment with new abrasive. As we were not aware of anyone in The United States doing this work, we were able to provide a fast, effective solution to their problem. The equipment was shipped direct to us, recoated using our unique process and shipped back to them in less than a week.

Love Beets were delighted with the result, Mark Brunson went on to say….

“Yes, I did inspect the peelers and they look fantastic, better then new! You have an excellent team over there. I appreciate all your efforts in discussing my options and then working to get these pieces turned around quickly. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I wish you had a shop in the USA. The quality of work and attention to detail makes me keep Porcher Abrasives in mind for future work. I’ll let you know if we experience any issues with running these, although I highly doubt we will.”

We are thrilled with their response and look forward to assisting them in the future.


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