Abrasive Vegetable Peelers

Abrasive Vegetable Peelers

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Porcher Abrasive Coatings Ltd is the leading manufacturer of temperature-cured abrasive linings for potato and vegetable peeling equipment; coating over 90% of all batch and continuous peelers within the vegetable preparation, crisp, snacks and fast food industries.

An extensive knowledge of this industry built over many years means we work closely with both original equipment manufacturers, crisp and snack manufacturers, commercial potato and vegetable peelers, catering service engineers and catering outlets developing the most effective abrasive coating for each of their individual requirements.

We offer a range of services for re-coating rollers, liners, drums, plates and discs. Multiple grit grades on rollers and the application of our uniquely designed abrasive tape replacement system for Limas peeling machine rollers.

Our industry leading oven-cured recoating processes utilise materials that generally exceed the original manufacturers’ specification and have been proven to offer an extended working life when compared with many other re-gritting processes.

Whether you are peeling potatoes, carrots, swede, beetroot, parsnips, turnip and celeriac or de-husking peanuts we can help you with our wealth of knowledge in the processing of these products.

We provide a regular collection and delivery service on our own transport for several major areas in the UK and Ireland, and use national and international carriers for other regions and more urgent items.

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