TreadSafe® Stainless Steel Treads Datasheet

Porcher Abrasives

Material (Standard)

Base plate: 1.5mm stainless steel grade 1.4003

Abrasive: Aluminium oxide
Top coat: A high performance polymeric system specifically developed to offer outstanding weather, abrasion, chemical and graffiti resistance which is also totally unaffected by extreme levels of ultra-violet light.

The TreadSafe range meets the following specifications:

Food Contact:

Top coat meets USDA requirements for incidental food contact and FDR GFR 21.175.300 requirements for food contact.

Fire Resistance:

Class 2 fire resistant to BS476 Part 7

Chemical Resistance:
10% Hydrochloric Acid
10% Phosphoric Acid
10% Sulphuric Acid
Ammonia solution
Mineral oils
Petrol fuel oils
All standard industrial cleaners when used in accordance with the manufacturers’ specifications.

Graffiti, mould and fungus resistant

Resistant to ultra-violet light

RAL Colour Codes:
Black: 9005 (nearest match)
Mid Grey: 00 A 09
Yellow: 08 E 51

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