TreadSafe® GRP Cleaning Guide & Tips

TreadSafe® GRP Cleaning Guide & Tips

Dirt and debris can easily be removed using a stiff brush and this should be carried out on a regular basis.

If TreadSafe® GRP has been subjected to spillages or the dirt has become embedded, a mild detergent can be used. It is always advisable to test any cleaning products on TreadSafe GRP before starting the cleaning procedure. This can be done on an inconspicuous area of the installation.

Using the detergent, warm water and a suitable brush, scrub the areas until clean. The excess water can be removed using a wet/dry vacuum cleaner or suitable absorbable materials.
Where circumstances allow, TreadSafe ® GRP can be power washed without causing harm. Care should be taken when TreadSafe ® GRP has been stuck down and/or edge-sealed as very high pressure power washing or repeated power washing could cause damage to sealants and adhesives.

General Routine Maintenance:

The security of the fixings/adhesive should be checked on a regular basis. Circumstances will vary, based upon the volume of foot traffic etc. but, as a guide, monthly inspections would be advisable.

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