TreadSafe® Stainless Installation

TreadSafe® Stainless Installation


The TreadSafe® range comes pre-drilled and can be fixed over steel plate, chequer plate, metal grills, concrete and wood.

Fasteners are available ex stock from Porcher Abrasive Coatings Ltd.

For installation over:-

Steel plate and chequer plate:

Use M6 countersunk self-drilling Tek screws or M6 countersunk screw washer and Nyloc nut assemblies.

Metal grills:

Use galvanised or stainless steel universal saddle clamps with M6 stainless countersunk socket screws and Nyloc locking nuts.


Use M6 stainless countersunk concrete anchors or M6 countersunk self-securing concrete anchors.


Use 12 gauge self-tapping countersunk wood screws.

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