TreadSafe® Stainless Sizes and Options

TreadSafe® Stainless Sizes and Options

Standard Sizes & Options

TreadSafe® is frequently customised to meet customers’ specifications. We have the solution if you need specially shaped anti-slip surfaces to fit around ducting or machinery, decking for marine environments, or stair treads that meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act. The standard specification and current options for TreadSafe® are listed below. Please contact us with details of your specific requirements.

Standard Options
Base Metal 1.5mm stainless steel
1.0mm stainless steel
for cleats
Marine grade stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium and chequer plate to standard gauge thickness and grades
Nosing 20mm nosing
90° angle
Upturns and nosings to customer requirements
Sizes Treads/nosings:
Available with 20mm or 55mm nosings. Treads with a depth of 180mm and a 55mm nosing are supplied with a highlighted leading edge.
450mm x 80mm
600mm x 80mm
750mm x 80mm
900mm x 80mm
450mm x 180mm
600mm x 180mm
750mm x 180mm
900mm x 180mm
Bespoke profiled shapes and sizes to customer requirements
600 x 100
750 x 100
950 x 100
600 x 120
750 x 120
950 x 120
Bespoke profiled shapes and sizes to customer requirements.
To customer requirements
Abrasive Aluminium Oxide Silicon carbide
Grit Profiles(Grades) 30 grade medium 12 grade (extremely coarse) to 100 grade (very fine)
Fixing holes 6mm countersunk To customer specification to include punched slots and variable fixing positions
Colours Black: RAL 9005 (nearest match)
Yellow: RAL 08 E 51
Mid Grey: RAL 00 A 09
Light grey, concrete grey RAL 7023
Dark Grey, BS No-18 B 25
Stone RAL 7032
Sandstone BS No – 08 C 35
Pale Green RAL 6021
Mid Green RAL 6001
Dark Green BS No – 14 C 39
Mid Red BS No – 3013
Top coat Meets USDA requirements for incidental food contact and FDA CFR 21.175.300 requirements for food contact Aseptic (anti-bacterial); anti-graffiti; ink repellent; photo-luminescent.

Ladder rung covers:

Made to specific customer requirements. Please contact us with your requests.

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