TreadSafe® Stainless Measurements / Specification

TreadSafe® Stainless Measurements / Specification

How to measure and specify


A (Width): A gap of 50 – 75mm at each side of the step can be left when measuring. This allows for any discrepancies and helps reduce costs.

B (Depth): The minimum depth should be at least 50mm. However, it is advisable to cover as much of the step as practicable.

C (Nosing): A standard 20mm nosing is recommended for safety reasons on all step edgings.

Decking and cleats:

Decking (1.5mm stainless steel) and cleats (0.7mm stainless steel) are suitable for walkways and ramps. Measure A and B as above.

Ladder-rung covers:

1 Measure diameter of ladder-rung.
2 Measure length of ladder-rung allowing a small gap between the stringers for ease of fitting.

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