TreadSafe® Stainless Steel Treads

TreadSafe® Stainless Steel Treads

TreadSafe® Stainless Steel TreadsTreadSafe® abrasive coated, stainless steel treads and nosing’s are designed specifically for use on stairs, ramps, walkways and external fire escapes and can be fixed over chequer plate, metal grills, concrete and wood.

Extremely hardwearing in the most hostile environments, each tread and nosing is manufactured from a heavy duty 1.5mm stainless steel backing with an abrasive coating temperature bonded to the surface.

To ensure minimum downtime and disruption to traffic, treads and nosing’s are supplied pre-drilled and countersunk for easy fixing.

They are available in standard and custom designed sizes, coarse to fine grit profiles, and standard colour choices of black, yellow and grey.  Other colours are available to special order.

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